Title: Blue Eyes (2007)

SO YOUNG AND SO BEAUTIFUL - WHY IS SHE SO SAD?! - I'm afraid most of us know the answer...
Recent TV report from 26th November 2008:
"Man fathered children by daughters.
A UK man was sentenced to life in prison for repeatedly raping his two daughters over a 25-year period, fathering seven children by them during years of violence and abuse. A court in Sheffield heard that the 56-years-old took pleasure in the harm he did to his daughters, whom he began abusing at the age of eight. The violence, abuse and incest made his daughters pregnant a total of 19 times."
This painting is dedicated to the girls above and abused children all over the world.


Anonymous said...


Sherry Holder-Hunt

Balovega said...

Hola hoy me he pasado por tu casa para admirar tus obras de arte.. Felicidades.. Salud y suerte..