Very versatile artist Sylvia Kula holds an ICS Diploma in Commercial Art, loves Fine Art and creates most of her paintings in acrylics, oils and pastels. A natural talent, she has had a passion for painting and drawing since early childhood and after emigrating from Poland to New Zealand in 1981 she now resides in Robina, Gold Coast, Australia and paints full time. Unlike many other artists able only to produce a very limited range of paintings, Sylvia Kula is fully capable of painting beautiful photo-realistic landscapes and portraits, cartoons, great abstracts and everything in between. Human face and hands, the two most difficult subjects in art, are her specialty. Member of the Art Society, a Non-Profit Organisation, she has won many awards at their exhibitions. She accepts commissions - just email your photo with the approximate required painting size for a quote. She accepts Credit Cards and PayPal and will ship worldwide. Email: . For full information and pricing and availability of Sylvia Kula's paintings visit . Posters and Prints of some of Sylvia Kula's paintings, in many different sizes, mediums and frames, are now available from and from . offers worldwide delivery within 7 business days and very low postage cost of only 6€ (Euro) to US/Canada/Europe and only 12€ (Euro) to other countries.

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Other Themed Exhibitions of Sylvia Kula's Original Paintings:

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Title: Serene Sisters (2006)

Title: Red Lipstick (2007)

Title: Blue Eyes (2007)

SO YOUNG AND SO BEAUTIFUL - WHY IS SHE SO SAD?! - I'm afraid most of us know the answer...
Recent TV report from 26th November 2008:
"Man fathered children by daughters.
A UK man was sentenced to life in prison for repeatedly raping his two daughters over a 25-year period, fathering seven children by them during years of violence and abuse. A court in Sheffield heard that the 56-years-old took pleasure in the harm he did to his daughters, whom he began abusing at the age of eight. The violence, abuse and incest made his daughters pregnant a total of 19 times."
This painting is dedicated to the girls above and abused children all over the world.

Title: Sunset Queen (2006)

Title: My Angels (2007)

Title: Emerald Girl (2006)

Title: Can I Trust You (2006)

Title: Red Hood (2007)

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